Brief History

Richard Springer is an Oregon based artist. The love of drawing has stayed with him since early childhood.

From 1993-1995 he studied commercial illustration under Semyon Bilmes in Medford, Oregon at the Bilmes School of Art. He then moved to Eugene, Oregon to further his education at Lane Community College.

Richard met Tom Blodgett in 1998 and left LCC to study under Blodgett as a full time apprentice. He remained at Blodgett’s studio for five years until he moved back to Eastern Oregon to take care of his parents and their family business when his father became ill.

Today, Richard partners with his wife, Brandi, creating art under the banner of Springer Artworks. Together, they share a studio and assist in the operation of a variety of cultural events ranging from fine art exhibitions to film festivals and small music venue concerts at the Churchill School Arts Center run by Brian and Corrine Vegter.

Photo of Richard Springer
Photo of Brandi

Artist, clothing designer, photographer, and model – Brandi McPherson contributes her unique sense of style and creative vision to Springer Artworks.

Brandi’s love of fashion has led her to open a Springer Artworks Etsy store where she sells her clothing designs and selection of art prints.