Polaris (2023)

Epoxy Resin and Colored Foam Series (2023)

Latest series of mixed media paintings. Heavy textures of colored foam jutting out of a flowing space encased in clear plastic.

Landscapes and scenes with natural objects.

Flux (2022)

Hot Lakes Hotel Series (2022)

Raised acrylic paint sectioning off pools of alcohol ink in swirling islands of glitter.

The Hot Lakes Hotel is a haunted hotel in LaGrande, OR. This is a visual story of a woman who checks in for a stay and encounters a spirit that doesn’t want her to leave.

Full Moon Over the 203 (2022)

Full Moon at the 203 Pond Series (2022)

Raised acrylic paint under a blanket of geometrically shaped glitter and alcohol ink.

The 203 pond is located near the airport by Baker City, Oregon. My family used to go there when I was young.

Congruence (2019)

Rapport Series (2019)

Raised acrylic lines separating a field of fine glitter and bare cotton weave paper.

Sometimes good energy needs to be put out into the world to balance out all the bad.

Oregon Coast (2019)

Landscapes and Creatures (2019 – 2022)

Thick black acrylic paint, fine glitter and paper.

Glitter as shadow. The paper does the rest.

Fish Jumping at the 203 (2022)

Drawings and Sketches

Paint Pens or Markers often on brightly colored paper.

Usually created on the spot. Landscape and nude figure studies may be more interesting to me than to anyone else.